The Dominating Cosmetics Industry

The Dominating Cosmetics Industry

In this day and age, what comes to your mind when you think of “beauty”? Most would answer with a picture of a beautiful model on the cover of a magazine, her features meticulously sculpted to perfection with makeup, and her body and face airbrushed to make her a modern goddess.


Undoubtedly, in a world where more and more people focus on what they look like and whether their most reason pimple is visible behind their concealer. The cosmetics industry is truly a dominating global player given the circumstances of today’s society. From cosmetics that are on the surface to those that are more invasive, looking your best has never had a more significant place in history.

Walk by any block of high-end stores and you will see a pattern emerge; “buy oud perfume to give yourself a captivating fragrance!” one will declare; “20% off on the latest styles: simply become a Gold Member for just $80!”, declares another.

You cannot escape it even while sitting at home browsing through the internet: pop-up ads on sites will redirect you to luxury goods boutiques’ sites, where you can buy oudh oil of the highest quality alongside the most sought after anti-ageing foundation. Makeup and cosmetics can be found wherever you look.

Coupled with this lucrative industry of advertising, the cosmetics industry continues to use science and technology to its advantage to create newer and better products to introduce to the market for an ever-growing number of customers. In fact, most of us don’t even think we want or need a particular skin care item before we see it being advertised. This unique feature where supply itself creates the demand is what keeps the cosmetics business afloat and well even through periods of time when entire economies and multinational conglomerates lost their footing in periods of economic recession.

What makes this industry so steadfast in its sustenance? It is the simple notion that looking better means you are better. Outward appearance is oftentimes confused with an equally good or “attractive” inner self, when in fact, the more self-centered you are, the more time and money you will spend worrying about your physical appearance instead of focusing on becoming a better person. As such, the global cosmetics market continues to reap the benefits of this mental ordeal that most people nowadays seem to go through regarding their own self-image.

It is time we put more emphasis on building better people than we do on painting better faces.

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