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Month: November 2015

Increase The Productivity With Virtual Employees

Increase The Productivity With Virtual Employees

When working with virtual assistants the key to success is proper communications and good business relationships. If these two are not established well from the start then your business will suffer in terms of time and money. So here are a few tips that can help you to improve your company’s and your virtual assistance productivity.

Give instructions
The instructions to these employees should be very clear. It’s most likely that when working with these sort of best web developer for hire that you would not meet your employee every day. So contact has to be maintained in some sort of method. One way is to at the beginning of the month the work is given out through writing form and through a video chat. Where the assistant can ask questions and clarify all doubts. Then the work done by them can be monitored through a project management software that both of you can work with. Other ways are to assign either weekly or daily work. Assigning daily work will cause a slight delay because the assistant can’t start on the work on that day until you have give out the instructions. So the best is to go with either the monthly or weekly schedules.

Give it time
Remember that these workers have to get the work done while they get used to your companies practices and your expectations. So give it sometime. Don’t expect too much at the beginning and over load and discourage these assistants. Allow them sometime to get a hang of things and then get them going with the deadlines. Remember the first few weeks are crucial here as it would give them an idea about you as the employer. So maintain a good employee-employer relationship form the start and then things will go smoothly.

Document, Document and Document
Remember when using virtual assistant pricing quote like working with virtual assistants it’s important to document everything that happens. Note down the work done by the employee’s every day. This will help you to see the progress and also to see which areas or which employees need to be improved. This would also help to avoid messy problematic situations caused by miscommunication and lack of understanding. Since things are all document you can always track back and see what went wrong.


Finally when setting your goals and deadlines be realistic. Talk over with the assistance and see of he/she can achieve that goal by the allocated time and make adjustments accordingly. Make sure you communicate to them about how important the set deadlines are. Talk to your virtual assistants and know their limits and capabilities before assigning work to them. This way the work that needs to be done will get allocated to the person that can actually get it done. Remember that when working with this type of employees you should invest an little extra time and effort to be available to answer their questions and solve the problems along the way. Like said at the beginning communications and good business relationships is the key to success.