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Month: January 2016

Need Your Deposit Back?

Need Your Deposit Back?

Around the world, many people live in rented properties. These rent properties are usually rented out on contract basis for a period of six to twelve months. During the period of rent the tenant has to deposit a large amount of money into the landlords account as a financial promise of looking after the property without doing any damages.

Most of these rent contracts has a clause that states that at the end of the tenancy, the tenant will clean the property before he/she leaves the place. This clause is called the cleaning services Richmond or end tenancy cleaning. When the property is returned back to the landlord after the contract period, the landlord expects the property to be cleaned and returned in the same condition it was rented to the tenant at the beginning. If the tenant needs to secure the return of the deposit at the end of the contract period, the property must be cleaned thoroughly.

At the commercial cleaning in Melbourne, hiring professional cleaners to thoroughly clean the property is ideal. Also these professional cleaners are well experience and have all the necessary tools to clean the home properly. There are now many professional cleaning companies which provides this service to tenants when they are about to leave their home.

Although some original contracts do not have this clause written, it is always best to do an end of tenancy cleaning. Some people tend to leave their messes to the next tenant, only carrying out the essential. Even though it may seem as an easy way out, the cost for this mess will be taken out of your deposit money. By doing an end of tenancy cleaning, you are ensuring your landlord that you are returning the property back without any damages and this will allow you to receive your full deposit back without any hassle.

Hiring the service of a professional cleaner at the end of the leasing period will allow the professional cleaners to make sure that everything is cleaned thoroughly. These cleaners will clean everything from cooker hoods, oven, filter system, tops and surface around the house, inside the refrigerator, inside all closets and cupboards to carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window, light fittings, frames, skirting boards, sills and switches.
Usually, tenants prefer hiring a professional cleaning service is because of the time limit. Hiring an experience cleaning company is much more convenient and easy. And also the guarantee of getting back the deposit is much more secured if a professional cleaning company is hired to clean the property.