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Month: April 2016

How To Make A Suburban Scheme House Picturesque

How To Make A Suburban Scheme House Picturesque

We all know what the suburbs are like: residential, relatively quiet, acres of houses looking more or less the same. In fact, the suburbs are famous for housing schemes with row upon row of houses after the same model, with a bit of garden space and a parking garage. The suburbs are a great place to have a family but there is no oomph! when your house looks the same as the houses on either side of you. Here are some tips on how you can change things up a bit to make your home more special than the others:

Forget the White Picket Fence

This one is as cliché as it is useless. A white fence will look pretty the first week; then you realize that all the dust and mud in the world stop there on its way into the house. Soon, the white will turn a sick shade of yellow, and then brown. If you live in a suburb, the best option for you would be a good timber fencing in Doreen style because leaving it the colour of original wood will make you stand out from your neighbours and be easier to clean.

Timber fencing Doreen style will also help camouflage stains.

Have Designer Colours

Some neighbourhoods have colour codes for their housing, to make it visually and aesthetically pleasing. Bed luck if you live in one. But, if you have more open- minded councils there, don’t go for the boring white shades; try colours like leaf green, deep aqua, slate and other colours that are used on houses. Ask a friend who works in architecture or designing and choose a colour palette that doesn’t lean towards ivory and pearl.

Change the Garden

Everyone’s safe place to go is green lawn with flowers, maybe with a gravel path. Change this up with flowers everywhere, or have wild plants like morning glory and other shrubs. You can cover half of your garden with an overhang and train a creeper over it. Grow ivy over a low wall somewhere. Put in a shallow pond with a pond liner to prevent leakage. Or dig a picture well that you won’t necessarily drink out of but you can still turn into a work of art with flowers and a wheel.

Make the Roof Pop

Thanks to different kinds of technology, roofing material now come in all shapes and colours. You no longer have to depend on slates the colour of bricks. You can either paint the roof in a different way or use different coloured materials when putting the roof together. The end result should visually match the walls of the house, but that’s all you need to worry about; have something funky like the boy and bicycle from ET on the roof; paint it green and have small white sheep on it; or have a line of flowers running all around it.

Keep Your Floor Clean

Keep Your Floor Clean

There are many things which we would buy to keep our houses clean. There are few key aspects as to why we really care to have a clean or hygienic living place. The first and foremost reason would be to be healthy. Yes, almost everybody would agree on the fact that, being healthy should be our first priority. Secondly, to avoid unwanted stains, grime and residual to remain or spread with in our living environment. There are many products available in the market which would help to reduce above mentioned. Air fresheners, would assist to avoid stains or rather avoid any disgusting or spoiled smells which would have spread around the air.

However, air fresheners would only be a temporary solution; it would not find the root cause for it and clean it from the root level. So, what would be the most common solution to avoid residual or grime? “Carpets”, in any house in the world we would be able to find one of these. I believe, carpeting would have begun from the very ancient ages as it is one of the easiest ways to rub and remove dirt. There are various carpet designs from which we can select from and the purpose would also change based on the floor area for which we might fit the carpet in to. These carpets might be full of dirt and grime one day because of continues use. So how could we do the carpet cleaning? We know for a fact that it would be a very tedious task because we might have to spend our half of the time cleaning and rubbing it from various sorts of cleaning brushes & cleaning liquids.

Do we really need to spend our time on this cleaning stuff, with all these busy schedules? Not anymore, there are dedicated like Logan carpet cleaning companies which we would hire for an end to end cleaning. These companies uses latest cutting edge technology for its cleaning services, which would bring or rather give a deep cleaning removing all the dirt, dust, grime & residual. They use steam cleaning technology which is totally uses pure water and it is safety assured because of none usage of toxic cleaning liquid for carpets. The heated water will be pushed in to the carpets with a pressure gun and the steaming power would loosen the grime & dirt which are stuck in the carpets. The steamed water will be evaporated to thin air with no time, leaving nothing in the carpet. This high tech technology is hundred percent harmless and no damages will be caused to the carpet.

Let’s keep our homes clean and protected all the time and spread the word of the importance of hygiene.

The Growing Trend Of Bamboo Flooring

The Growing Trend Of Bamboo Flooring

Among the hardwood flooring choices available, a modern and eco friendly choice is to use bamboo. Many might wonder how it is created from the thin and pliable plant. The bamboo grass is flattened and laminated in order to form a flooring material. For those who do not want to opt for hardwood floor for the price or to reduce the cutting of trees, they can opt for bamboo as a sustainable and eco friendly choice.

About bamboo

Bamboo belongs to the grass family, which is a native of the Asian region, though it is also found in parts of Africa and America. It is a grass, but it can grow to heights that make it appear taller than a tree. The plant is known to grow rapidly, achieving about a foot of growth every day. For its rapid growth and ease of growing, it is being promoted in different eco friendly home accessories. Bamboo being cultivated in large numbers and easily, it is a material that can be replenished more easily than others. There are other properties that make bamboo ideal for flooring usage. For cleaning home furnishing you might want to call an expert upholstery cleaning service.

Properties of bamboo

The reason for which bamboo is used for flooring material is also due to the fact that it is resistant to mold and allergens. It is growing rapidly and can respond to the growing demand for materials to build different home accessories. It can grow rapidly and reseeding is not required due to its grass nature. However, many plantation producers have been using bamboo plants in large cultivations by clearing off other plant species that do not find the same level of commercial usage. You might also opt for bamboo fiber carpets which makes your place cleaning easier.

Properties of bamboo flooring

Even if it is considered to be a replacement of hardwood flooring, bamboo cannot provide the level of hardness as teak or other lumbar materials. Darker bamboo flooring can be comparable to black walnut wood while lighter shades are comparable to maple. There are different finishes that one can get on bamboo flooring as the lamination offers different textures and finishes to be added to the flooring material. You need to ensure that less chemical usage occurs at the time of creation of bamboo flooring products.

Ensuring sustainable practices

It is necessary to source bamboo flooring from companies that emphasize upon fair trade practices. For that reason, bamboo needs to be sourced from plantations where chemical usage is not prevalent and the workers are paid fair wages for their work. These points are being stressed upon by eco friendly flooring creation companies. It is also due to the growing awareness among consumers who do not want to promote unsustainable or non eco friendly practices.