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The Dominating Cosmetics Industry

The Dominating Cosmetics Industry

In this day and age, what comes to your mind when you think of “beauty”? Most would answer with a picture of a beautiful model on the cover of a magazine, her features meticulously sculpted to perfection with makeup, and her body and face airbrushed to make her a modern goddess.


Undoubtedly, in a world where more and more people focus on what they look like and whether their most reason pimple is visible behind their concealer. The cosmetics industry is truly a dominating global player given the circumstances of today’s society. From cosmetics that are on the surface to those that are more invasive, looking your best has never had a more significant place in history.

Walk by any block of high-end stores and you will see a pattern emerge; “buy oud perfume to give yourself a captivating fragrance!” one will declare; “20% off on the latest styles: simply become a Gold Member for just $80!”, declares another.

You cannot escape it even while sitting at home browsing through the internet: pop-up ads on sites will redirect you to luxury goods boutiques’ sites, where you can buy oudh oil of the highest quality alongside the most sought after anti-ageing foundation. Makeup and cosmetics can be found wherever you look.

Coupled with this lucrative industry of advertising, the cosmetics industry continues to use science and technology to its advantage to create newer and better products to introduce to the market for an ever-growing number of customers. In fact, most of us don’t even think we want or need a particular skin care item before we see it being advertised. This unique feature where supply itself creates the demand is what keeps the cosmetics business afloat and well even through periods of time when entire economies and multinational conglomerates lost their footing in periods of economic recession.

What makes this industry so steadfast in its sustenance? It is the simple notion that looking better means you are better. Outward appearance is oftentimes confused with an equally good or “attractive” inner self, when in fact, the more self-centered you are, the more time and money you will spend worrying about your physical appearance instead of focusing on becoming a better person. As such, the global cosmetics market continues to reap the benefits of this mental ordeal that most people nowadays seem to go through regarding their own self-image.

It is time we put more emphasis on building better people than we do on painting better faces.

An Ode To Strange Commodes

An Ode To Strange Commodes

Toilets are a necessary part of life, from the modest hole-in-the-ground camping situation to a lavish toilet-plus-bidet combination. Different countries and cultures have their own unique twang, whether it’s a change of direction in the flush to adopting a strange but seemingly adequate squatting posture. History has seen many great inventions concerning the plumbing Strathmore and function of various lavatory designs, and today we can choose colours, flush options, materials and shapes to match our own unique styles. The following are a cluster of latrines that have stood out over the years.

The Ice Bathroom at The Ice Gallery in Seoul, South Korea, is entirely made (as you can already guess) of ice. The plumbing of this particular contraption is just as mystifying as the ability to stay seated on it without serious frostbite. At the Swisshorn Gold Palace in Hong Kong, there is a solid gold throne for patrons to enjoy. The Sega Toylet in Tokyo’s metro stations have turned the necessary act of relieving oneself into a video game of sorts – their urinals have sensors that detect the force and location of your stream. You can choose which of the four games you would like to play, each game using the sensors as controls. Such games include fire-hosing graffiti off a wall and controlling the force of the wind that blows up a cute anime girl’s skirt. There’s even a game that remembers the last player’s performance and challenges you to beat it, visualised as two characters battling by squirting milk through their nose.

In London, there is a public bathroom that has walls made of one-way mirrors, so that you can see out while you go. It began as an exhibition called Don’t Miss a Beat, curated by artist Monica Bonvicini. What was interesting was that many people who attempted to use it were struck with ‘stage fright’ and had to exit without relief – the sight of other people was enough to put them off, regardless of the fact that they couldn’t see in. Egg-shaped commodes can be found in sketch, a popular bar and restaurant also in London. Each pod glows pink inside and are in the shape of very tall, oval eggs, which play soft and eerie sounds all the while. These bathrooms are more than just a feat of plumbing, but rather incorporate features of design, art and entertainment to provide one-of-a-kind experience.

The list goes on. The Time Capsule/Pop Up toilet, that rises from the ground as if from nowhere. The underwater toilet where ocean life roams around you. The $13,000 dollar toilet encrusted with sparkling jewels in Japan. Private, home-friendly toilets that use infra-red sensors to detect when you’ve left the room before it quietly shuts its lid, or with built-in bidet features, or heated seats and deodorising filters. Reviewing the list, it’s safe to say that plumbing and great services have come a long way from the chamber pot.

Decorating A Family Home

Decorating A Family Home

Place of sanctuary, a connection like no other, and love and comfort without judgment or condition; a family is one of the most important parts of one’s life, if not the most important.

Today, those that are blessed enough to have their own families and live in a comfortable family home with them know little of the struggles of those that only have the bare minimum and may be no family at all. However, a family and the love and support it brings into one’s life is such a powerful thing that even if you have nothing else, having your family beside you means you can get by in life happily.

It is everyone’s dream to create the most perfect and attractive family home, that not only creates a beautiful living space, but is a comfortable environment that each family member identifies with.

Furniture and general environment

The general vicinity of the inside of your family home should create a sense of calmness, warmth, and relaxation. It should be a stress-free environment for each member of the family.

Choosing a neutral colour scheme for walls, floors, and ceilings will help you achieve this. Generally, white or other similar light shades such as ivory, for walls, will create the feel of an open and airy space for your home. This eliminates any feelings of stuffiness even fi the space is small. Opting for high ceilings will also add to this.

For the flooring, going with a hardwood floor or dark tile floor will give you that warming feel without it looking too harsh. Darker floors also go well with most types of furniture and interior decorating.

In terms of furniture, there must be something that caters to everyone, especially the little members of the family. Cosy armchairs and comfortable sofas will be good for any larger families with several children. Especially in common areas such a living room, opting for a large sofa or an L-shaped sofa will allow for more seating space with the use of less furniture. This means you get to create more living space with less clutter. Check this out for further information regarding point of sale displays Sydney.

Personal touches

A house is not a home unless you make it so. Adding personal touches will give your family home the character it needs to speak volumes of the occupants.

You can do so by including family elements into your décor. Using family photos as a design feature is an easy yet effective fix for this. Simple snap frames Sydney mounted on an antique table in the foyer will add just the right amount of warmth for any guest arriving into the home, at a glance.

Using magnetic notice boards to display work schedules, reminders, and even your grocery list, above the kitchen pantry will also allow you to manage your time while still making every living space about family, if you include a few polaroid pictures pinned up on to the board next to the schedules.

In this manner, decorating your family home can be as easy as finding some old pictures to display, yet it will make a great difference in bringing about that warm family feel.

How To Protect Your Phone From Being Stolen?

How To Protect Your Phone From Being Stolen?

In some societies or among certain groups of friends you are popular depending on how expensive and fancy your mobile phone is. Decorating our mobiles phones with fancy, expensive adornments doesn’t help keeping the phone safe either. Our whole lives are in our phones. Our phones contain sensitive information and data that we would rather lose a hand than part with it. That’s why it is highly essential that we have security measures to recover our phones if we ever lose it or it gets stolen.

While many phones come equipped with a variety of password and verification protection a few simple steps will ensure that our phones do not get misplaced.

Our phones should be always in our line of sight and we should be aware of where it is at all times. Leaving mobile phones on tables and chairs unattended should be avoided. Loosely holding the phone in our hand or in our back pocket is like handing out an invitation for a thief to come get it. When we put our phones inside bags we have make sure that the bag is closed and the phone is not visible.

If you know some unsavory characters linger in certain areas, don’t travel there with your mobile phones. Leaving it behind would do more good than harm. Don’t carry in your hand or use flashy and branded headphones around. Be careful while on a bus, the train and crowded areas.

Another problem we face is trying to be too protective of the privacy of our phone. While having multiple verifications keeps the phone safe when we change it often we forget the passwords. If all else fails a mobile locksmith in Gold Coast could recover it for us.

All these protective measures and we still lose our phones. What are the ways we can recover it. If you have the IMEI number of your phone written down and register your phone with your network operator they can use the IMEI number to track down your phone (though in certain countries this trick wouldn’t work). You can install anti phone theft software too. If you are not much of a tech person you can seek help from a professional locksmith service providers.

If we are unable to recover our phones there are some measures to prevent others from accessing information on the phone. You can start by disabling the phone number first. Next step would be filing a police report. Finally you should change all the passwords of the apps you used in your phone as a security precaution.