How To Protect Your Phone From Being Stolen?

How To Protect Your Phone From Being Stolen?

In some societies or among certain groups of friends you are popular depending on how expensive and fancy your mobile phone is. Decorating our mobiles phones with fancy, expensive adornments doesn’t help keeping the phone safe either. Our whole lives are in our phones. Our phones contain sensitive information and data that we would rather lose a hand than part with it. That’s why it is highly essential that we have security measures to recover our phones if we ever lose it or it gets stolen.

While many phones come equipped with a variety of password and verification protection a few simple steps will ensure that our phones do not get misplaced.

Our phones should be always in our line of sight and we should be aware of where it is at all times. Leaving mobile phones on tables and chairs unattended should be avoided. Loosely holding the phone in our hand or in our back pocket is like handing out an invitation for a thief to come get it. When we put our phones inside bags we have make sure that the bag is closed and the phone is not visible.

If you know some unsavory characters linger in certain areas, don’t travel there with your mobile phones. Leaving it behind would do more good than harm. Don’t carry in your hand or use flashy and branded headphones around. Be careful while on a bus, the train and crowded areas.

Another problem we face is trying to be too protective of the privacy of our phone. While having multiple verifications keeps the phone safe when we change it often we forget the passwords. If all else fails a mobile locksmith in Gold Coast could recover it for us.

All these protective measures and we still lose our phones. What are the ways we can recover it. If you have the IMEI number of your phone written down and register your phone with your network operator they can use the IMEI number to track down your phone (though in certain countries this trick wouldn’t work). You can install anti phone theft software too. If you are not much of a tech person you can seek help from a professional locksmith service providers.

If we are unable to recover our phones there are some measures to prevent others from accessing information on the phone. You can start by disabling the phone number first. Next step would be filing a police report. Finally you should change all the passwords of the apps you used in your phone as a security precaution.

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